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How many books will I receive in my pack?

The approximate number of books you will receive is mentioned in the pack's description. We can't tell you exactly how many books will be included because we pick each pack to order to ensure that you receive only the best, most up to date books. Obviously, prices vary so we need to keep things flexible to make sure you're getting the best titles to fit your students' needs.

How do I arrange for the books in my pack to be serviced?

Please select servicing as normal when you place your order. Servicing incurs additional cost.

Can I buy faith or gender-specific book packs?

Our packs are not faith or gender-specific. If you would like a selection of books which are, please email personalshopper@peters-books.co.uk with an outline of your needs, and we will create a bespoke selection for you.

I can't find a book pack which suits my needs exactly, what can I do?

Our Personal Shopper service exists to solve problems such as these. Just send an email to personalshopper@peters-books.co.uk with a quick outline of your requirements, and we will create a selection for you without delay. Also, our book packs are always growing, and we would love to hear from you with ideas for new ones! Please do drop us a line with your pack idea to personalshopper@peters-books.co.uk.

Will I only receive paperbacks?

We aim to provide the best books currently available for your needs and although we will always choose paperbacks in preference to hardback books, by necessity, some packs will include hardback editions in order to give your students the most appropriate and effective range.

Is there a chance that the same title might appear in more than one book pack?

If packs are ordered across more than one age group, there may occasionally be some duplication of titles in low publishing areas, although we obviously strive to avoid that as much as possible.

Can I return books from my book pack?

We have every confidence that you will be delighted with the selection you receive. However, due to the way the packs are administrated it is, regrettably, not feasible for us to offer returns or swaps of titles supplied.